Philly LGBTQ Leader, Spouse Face Police Force

Philly’s LGBTQ Director and Husband Allegedly Victims of "Excessive Force" by Police


In Philadelphia, the city’s LGBTQ Office Director and her husband allegedly experienced police excessive force, attracting attention.

Police arrested Celena Morrison, Philadelphia’s LGBT Affairs Director, and her husband Saturday on Interstate 76.

A video of the incident, now circulating online, has become part of the investigation. The Pennsylvania State Police initiated a traffic stop at 9 a.m. for several vehicle violations. Morrison, who filmed the event, says, “I work for the mayor.”

Philly LGBTQ Leader

Police didn’t name the individuals; however, Mayor Cherelle Parker and Morrison’s sister, who shared the video on Facebook, did.

The video shows a police officer standing over Morrison’s husband, Darius McLean, while Morrison records with her phone. After a scuffle, Morrison says, “He just hit me.” Later, she asks, “What’s going on?

“Why are you so aggressive?” Police arrested Morrison and McLean for resisting arrest and related offenses. The Philadelphia DA’s Office hasn’t decided on charges, awaiting a complete, impartial investigation.

City Councilmember Rue Landau described the footage on Facebook as “alarming” and called it “a deeply disturbing interaction.” She added that videos like this, showing excessive force by police, can be traumatic.

2/2 Celena Morrison recorded video of part of the incident. She can be heard telling the trooper “i work for the mayor. I work for the mayor.” Before she gets arrested and the phone keeps recording audio after.

— Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) March 2, 2024

The officer didn’t wear a body camera; however, his car featured an audio-video recorder, though what it captured remains unclear. The DA’s office continues the investigation.

This incident has sparked concerns locally and beyond amid debates on police violence and LGBTQ treatment by law enforcement.

The investigation into the incident is still underway, and many are awaiting further information and the results of the investigation.


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